Wortix Online Healthcare (Orlando, FL)


Created by doctors, computer architects and web developers for a year and a half, this dynamic healthcare engine engages the key parties (Patient, Doctor and Provider) into a series of electronic interactions to find a solution to a Health Issue. It’s free and widely used in multiple countries.

Eco GC Construction & Maintenance


Eco GC Construction & Maintenance is an emerging force in the Facilities Maintenance & Construction industry. Eco’s innovative model has proved to be disruptive in the Enterprise market. Techno Global is providing Cloud, Mobile and Geo technology to Eco GC to expedite Work Orders processing and many other related parts of its workflow.



Organizations can now make full use of ECOBPM’s “Geo-Communication” technology to use a map as a live interface to people and places related to their core business. Intra and Extranets are deployed using Geolocation, AWS, Mobile, Micro-blogging and Social technology. ECOBPM uses Techno Global Inc.’s “5-Miles” Geo-Communication engine to enable corporate users to collaborate using … Read more

Symantec (Heathrow, FL)


The Norton AntiVirus, Internet security, and anti-spyware company was undergoing a 2000 users migration from Pivotal Relationship CRM to Salesforce.com. Tibco and extensive use of MSSQL Enterprise, Oracle 11i plus heavy customization of Pivotal was performed. Also, a comprehensive code was developed to handle the entire Sales Pipeline process.

Universal Studios Orlando


Extensive web interface revamp plus CMS and e-Commerce implementation including integration with Web Methods. A web framework was built to orchestrate interaction between interfaces. Due to its high-profile status this project required a severe look into security, performance and scalability.

Moving Interactive

Moving Interactive

With a partnership with Moving Interactive from New Jersey, Techno Global was able to manage a large IT team to attend to Enterprise clients needs in Commerce, Content Delivery, Back-End Integration and large-scale web front ends.



This large Social Engine project was about building a comprehensive platform to serve millions of people affiliated to Sports in USA. The site runs on a full Cloud (AWS) highly-scalable architecture. Extensive SE customization work was performed to enable features like interaction between layers, custom-display (CSS) (Responsive), heavy branding and complex calculations applicable within the … Read more



We are very proud to work for this Client of ours, in Europe, customizing Social Engine. This Client brought into the mix a thorough understanding of what needs to be done and how. We then rolled up our sleeves and started doing heavy work on Plugins, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Services for Email, Search, Content and … Read more



Smart Entrepreneurs are turning social sites into industry disrupters, We are using Social Engine to ramp up the prototype phase quickly and then they are contacting us to get the heavy-duty work that needs to be done “under the hood”. This project is another example on how the Real Estate industry could find itself shaken … Read more

Amira Medical (Scotts Valley CA)

Pivotal Relationship CRM implementation. This project was about customizing the software to handle manage a Call Center operation. Also, back-end integration and Crystal Reports design was performed. More companies: One Inc., Ipro, Broward County Aviation Department, Amerop Sugar, NABI Bio-Medical Supplier, Diabetic Supply Foundation, Datix and others.